First Day: I swear I'm not lost
So today was the first day of orientation week at college. I was kinda anxious in the morning to see how the activities would be. At first it was pretty cool. The Biotech (me!), Microbiology, Pre-Med and Nurse? students were categorized as the Science 2 students. There's different: Science 1, Science 3, all the Engineering are individually categorized and the Arts, etc... It was kinda sad seeing the Computer Engineering students on the other side. I really wanted to change majors, but whatever...

I'm so a freshman... haha... no.
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Been Busy
I've been kinda busy packing, etc... I'll be "moving" on Monday. So much work!! And there's always the things one doesn't remember until the last minute *sigh*. There goes my weekend. But I hope I at least get the chance to either go to the beach or go see The Dark Knight.
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Ah~ I'm sick... it sucks!!! And it's my brother's birthday. That won't be fun. Oh well-- back to reading Pants on Fire by Meg Cabot. I'm currently hating the main character, which is the first Meg character that I loathe. This book is so different from the others *sigh*.
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Today my mom's friend came to visit. They are working on their final projects for summer for the university. And I though it was over in May when my dad graduated... Anyway, my mom has been stressed all month since she's taking two classes. Seeing her like that scares me. Now that I'm going to college I'm scared because I took up something that takes much more dedication. Actually, I'm thinking of changing majors from Industrial Biotechnology to Computer Engineering, but I'm not sure yet. I need to think about it because next week is Orientation Week. I'm getting my program, etc... I'm kinda looking forward to it.
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Harvest Moon
So I've been playing Harvest Moon DS Cute a lot lately. It brings so much nostalgia. I've been playing HM since the first game was released in the SNES. I can say that it's one of the few games I don't get tired of playing. I'm saddened that I did not get to keep the game after so many years. It's quite incredible that my cousin bought it for a dollar back in 1999 (we used to rent it like always). And now it sells for $100 (I saw it on ebay!!!). Same with my Harvest Moon: Back to Nature game. It's one of the best ones and was my favorite. I sold it for $10... so sad... I want it back!!! And now I'm thinking of buying them all again. But that would be an expensive thing to do. At least I still have A Wonderful Life Special Edition, Magical Melody, DS Cute and will receive Island of Happiness when it's released. I never get tired, I seriously don't. But I do hate A Wonderful Life. It's boring and I hate Forget-me-not village.  ̄へ ̄
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Love, Hollywood Style [Young Adult Book]
I recently read this young adult book title Love, Hollywood Style. The premise is simple. Girl works at Hollywood studio, she has a crush on blond beautiful boy, she tries to get said boy with weird techniques. This book is part of Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies line. This means this book is full of cliches and you'll always know what's going to happen. I've read a fair amount of these books. They're not surprising, they're pure fluff, but the good type.
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Our Time is Here
This is definitely my favorite song from the Camp Rock soundtrack. It's kind of weird that I actually like the soundtrack so much because I though the movie was good, but not awesome.
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Driver's License
I just got my driver's license today. I barely passed. >__<'' I was really nervous and maybe that's why I couldn't drive as I usually do. The instructor told me I had to go faster. That is so weird. I might not be a good driver after all because who gets scolded for driving slow?? Haha I can't believe it.
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Miss Universe 2008 Winner
The winner has been chosen as well as winners in the other categories. I'm glad with the results.

Miss Congeniality: El Salvador- Rebeca Moreno
National Costume: Thailand- Gavintra Photijak

Top 4 and Winner:

4- Mexico: Elisa Najera
3- Russia: Vera Krassova
2- Dominican Republic: Marianne Cruz Gonzalez
1- Colombia: Taliana Vargas

Miss Universe 2008- Venezuela: Dayana Mendoza

Overall it was a good pageant. I really think Thailand deserved to win the Best National Costume. When she was modeling it, it looked really cool with the pose and everything. :] And my favorite favorite won the pageant.

Oh and Miss USA fell. Soon there will probably videos on Youtube...
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Miss Universe 2008 Top 10
The top 10 Miss Universe 2008 finalists have been chosen.

The top 10 finalists are:
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Miss Universe 2008 Semifinalists
The top 15 have been chosen in Miss Universe 2008. They are:
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There's this game in open beta that I want to try out. It's called PISTORY. It sounds like something I would enjoy playing. I think I might try it out after all.
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My New Cat
I recently got a new pet-- my cat Tabby. I didn't name him, my mother did. And quite frankly, I dislike his name. But whatever...
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New Blog
So this is gonna be my brand new blog. I've always wanted to make one in this site and now that the interface is in english, I decided to do so. This blog will probably about my college life, hobbies, etc... So yep... till then!
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