Miss Universe 2008 Winner
The winner has been chosen as well as winners in the other categories. I'm glad with the results.

Miss Congeniality: El Salvador- Rebeca Moreno
National Costume: Thailand- Gavintra Photijak

Top 4 and Winner:

4- Mexico: Elisa Najera
3- Russia: Vera Krassova
2- Dominican Republic: Marianne Cruz Gonzalez
1- Colombia: Taliana Vargas

Miss Universe 2008- Venezuela: Dayana Mendoza

Overall it was a good pageant. I really think Thailand deserved to win the Best National Costume. When she was modeling it, it looked really cool with the pose and everything. :] And my favorite favorite won the pageant.

Oh and Miss USA fell. Soon there will probably videos on Youtube...
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Miss Universe 2008 Top 10
The top 10 Miss Universe 2008 finalists have been chosen.

The top 10 finalists are:
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Miss Universe 2008 Semifinalists
The top 15 have been chosen in Miss Universe 2008. They are:
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There's this game in open beta that I want to try out. It's called PISTORY. It sounds like something I would enjoy playing. I think I might try it out after all.
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