I'm so frustrated right now!! WebCT won't work and I need to turn in an assignment by tomorrow!!
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I'm back in college. w00t!! I'll be posting about my first week tomorrow.
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Can't somebody shut this bitch up?
Ok, so from time to time I read M/M romances. I'm a big yaoi fan, and I love reading western M/M romances as well. I very much enjoy releases by many e-pubs out there from great authors that I follow. My latest concern is how an author has been targeted by malicious jealous people for her latest work, a short story. They all "attacked" a review of her story just for the damn title. Yes, the title is not the best, but it is not something to bitch and moan about. I read the "attacks" at the original review, and from the first time I was concerned with the issue. I mean, it was just a title (like Jan says), how can it cause so much conflict. One of the "attackers" was 'concerned' that the author meant the title as an offense. For God's sake, it was an M/M romance!! How can it be written offensive for the gay community?? Then, I went on to read this particular "attacker's" blog. That's when I noticed it was not the book with the problem, it was this author, who apparently has a hobby of bitch and moaning about every single thing AND letting everyone know AND posting unnecesary comments and blogs just to get into more trouble. Sigh, why are there such people in this world? Why must they find just any little thing to make something big out of? Why?!? Thank God I did not ever buy a book by this author because if I did I'd be red of shame right now. Seriously, Ann Somerville needs to get a life, and stop calling people cunt, etc... I am just so shocked. Is this really a graduate of a "top UK university"? If it is, I might lose a bit of faith in humanity. Why? Because she sounds just like a 5 year old. Heck, I think I might be more mature than her! What has this world come to? To have people made of so much fail and thinking they can get away with it.
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Oh life
Yesterday was my cousin's quinceanera and my mom was the photographer for the party. What this meant was that all the people that were gonna "appear" in the ceremony were at my home taking pictures and stuff. And that was no problem. My boyfriend Jan arrived and I was with him that time. BUT the weird thing is-- my cousin (another one) was soooooooo totally looking at him. And not just looking. First, she came up with whatever excuse she could to talk to "us", but all she wanted was his attention. She kept staring at him!! And then whenever she talked to anyone she looked at him to see his reaction. And oh she was soooooo totally hitting on him. And he even noticed!! Uggh, some people have NO manners. But Jan was like whatever to her (duh!!). I totally love my cousin, but she's weird and what she's doing is not cool.

Anyway, today I went to Jan's house since his mom made dinner for my family. It was fun. But my mom kept being clumsy, which was so funny!! Ah, but she was so embarrassed. Poor mom!! She kept talking about it on the way home. Oh and apparently I'm just like her.... or so says Jan. Eh, I think I am nothing like her.
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Latest Read: Remember Me?
Remember Me?
By Sophie Kinsella
When twenty-eight-year-old Lexi Smart wakes up in a London hospital, she’s in for a big surprise. Her teeth are perfect. Her body is toned. Her handbag is Vuitton. Having survived a car accident—in a Mercedes no less—Lexi has lost a big chunk of her memory, three years to be exact, and she’s about to find out just how much things have changed.

My opinion:
I LOVE Sophie Kinsella. Ever since I discovered her books, I've enjoyed reading all of them. Remember Me? was published in 2008 in hardcover. The thing is-- I don't buy hardcovers. Unless they're in the bargain bin at Borders for 5 dollars. BUT I managed to find an "international" edition of the book in paperback at Walgreens. So I took the chance and bought the book. And I am so happy I did. Ever since I read the book summary I knew I wanted to read it. And I finally got my chance to do so. When I started reading the book I could not put it down. This led me to finish the book a couple of hours later. And when I did so, I finished with a happy sigh. This is the type of book I love.

Lexi Smart is a typical working young lady. She has an office job, a boyfriend and a normal life. Sure, it could be better. She didn't get a bonus, she got drunk with friends at a bar, her boyfriend stood her up, she got soaking wet and ended up falling off some stairs. But after this particular fall, she wakes up in a hospital to something she did not expect. Suddenly, she is the boss of her department at work. She has a rich husband, perfect teeth and gorgeous hair. Pretty much everything she could wish for. Until she discovers how many secrets this new life has and she begins to question where did she lose herself. This book was amazing!! Kinsella's writing kept me reading, questioning what really happened to Lexi Smart. How everything changed and who are these new people she knows. Especially, the way her personality changed all of a sudden. There is a nice detail of the love she finds in the story as well. But I'd consider that more as a side part of the plot. The main focus was finding herself. And this is what made me love this book so much. Lexi showed how strong she was throughout the entire book and how much she could do to not only discover herself, but to keep on going in life. In the end, Lexi made the right choices and proved herself. I definitely loved this book, the plot and the characters. Kudos to Kinsella. This is now one of my favorite books and my personal favorite book of hers.
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An Update on my life
So I haven't updated in forever and that means this blog isn't in all that has happened to me. So here I go...

I finished the first semester of college. Can't say it was good nor bad. I did well, got A's and B's. But ultimately decided to change majors from Industrial Biotechnology to.... English Linguistics. That's a HUGE change. But I think it's for the best. In college I met lots of new people and made lots of new friends. I love that part!! I also got a boyfriend Hehehe...

I haven't done much in the Holiday break, other than party a lot. Hahahaha I saw many people I hadn't seen in a long time and it was so nice. I also cried because my aunt moved to the U.S. I miss her so much.

I got an iPod from my boyfriend for Christmas!! It is the most amazing present ever!! First thing I did with it (being the bookworm I am) was download the Stanza app. I've had lots of fun in this new year as well. I went to the fair, went on road trips and visited family.

Next week, college starts again. I can't wait!! I'll be sure to update the blog on it.

In my next blog I will post my opinion on the latest book I finished.... and it'll be very soon!!
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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year everyone!! It's been so long since I posted here. I feel so bad for abandoning my blog, but now I will be back. And I will post about different things. You'll see. ;) Hmm... Now I need to edit the sidebar. :P I will post very soon though. :D
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