Oh life
Yesterday was my cousin's quinceanera and my mom was the photographer for the party. What this meant was that all the people that were gonna "appear" in the ceremony were at my home taking pictures and stuff. And that was no problem. My boyfriend Jan arrived and I was with him that time. BUT the weird thing is-- my cousin (another one) was soooooooo totally looking at him. And not just looking. First, she came up with whatever excuse she could to talk to "us", but all she wanted was his attention. She kept staring at him!! And then whenever she talked to anyone she looked at him to see his reaction. And oh she was soooooo totally hitting on him. And he even noticed!! Uggh, some people have NO manners. But Jan was like whatever to her (duh!!). I totally love my cousin, but she's weird and what she's doing is not cool.

Anyway, today I went to Jan's house since his mom made dinner for my family. It was fun. But my mom kept being clumsy, which was so funny!! Ah, but she was so embarrassed. Poor mom!! She kept talking about it on the way home. Oh and apparently I'm just like her.... or so says Jan. Eh, I think I am nothing like her.
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