Movie & College
Confessions of a Shopaholic was such a cute and fun movie. I totally recommend it to those who haven't seen it or like chick lit. It's a very nice movie. I laughed a lot while watching it. It had many funny moments which is good. Anyway, today I'm going to go to the English Association meeting at last!! I haven't been able to go before, but finally I'll go today!! I can't wait. Oh, and does anyone listen to Taylor Swift? I have one song of hers stuck in my mind. It's called Love Story, and I can't stop listening to it. Ahh!! I don't like it when I have catchy songs stuck in my mind.
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I'm very happy right now because I'm doing well this semester in College. I have gotten very nice grades in most of my tests, and hope to continue this. Oh! And later I'm going to go see Confessions of a Shopaholic!! I can't wait to see it since the book was written by one of my favorite authors (Sophie Kinsella). It'll be fun.
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New Template!!
YAY!! I finally got around to changing the blog template. I like it!! I hope the visitors like it too. And I just had to show in an entry the Valentine's present I got from my boyfriend. Here it is:

I my Hello Kitty plushie from Build-a-Bear Workshop. Her name is Fancy.
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Brother's Concert
Today was my brother's band's concert. I went with my family and boyfriend. It was a very fun activity, and I got to see many people and friends I hadn't seen since high school graduation. Some of them feel like strangers now, which is very sad and made me feel weird. It's funny how much people can change in a short time. Sigh, we're all growing so fast. It's kinda scary when I *really* think about it. But I'm just glad I'm doing well. And by well I mean everything. I've been doing pretty good academically. I've gotten good grades, and the like. I'd have to mention the A I got on my English essay, which I am so proud of!! I hope I continue improving!! I'm very happy with how my life is, and just hope for the best.
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At Comp Lab
I'm at comp lab right now, extremely bored. I'm hungry and tiiiiiiiiired!! I got my english card reports back, and got 25 in both!! I am so happy!! Anyway, I did get a 0 on my last English quiz so I gotta improve. Hopefully I'll do better this week.
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Heh so I've been in college for like a month. Heh I thought everything would be ok now that I'm on a different department. I was soooooooo wrong. But things are fine, I guess. I just gotta keep going and study a lot. Ah~ Valentines day is just around the corner... I can't wait!! ;)

BTW I've been playing some awesome DS games of which I'll blog later. :D
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