My Macified Laptop
I've been using Digsby for two days now. It's an amazing app that combines im + email + social networks. Anyway, I decided to download themes for the ui and conversations. Since the Leopard one looked so cute, and I wanted an Iphone SMS conversation theme-- I went and downloaded a theme for my laptop as well. I run Windows Vista so it was kinda a pain to finish, but I love it!!

Windows Vista running a Leopard OS X theme
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Ah~ It's been so long since I last read manga. And now I'm addicted to it again. I can't help it. Manga is so addicting!! And this happens to me frequently. I start with one hobby, then I continue for months. After a while I get tired and move on to something new. And the cycle continues. I'm weird. Anyway, I'm reading lots of shoujo manga. Hehe They're so cute! I'm currently reading mostly oneshots or 1 volume series since I don't want to get into a long or ongoing series. Hmm, that might not be good for my college grades. Anyway, it's fun.

< Face I make when I finish a cute oneshot. Hehe
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I admit it, I am a big procrastinator. Every time I have a lot of work to do-- that's when I procrastinate the most. For example, this weekend. I should be reading a novella for English class, doing my Comp homework, studying for Geology, studying for Comp, editing my English essay, etc. But what am I doing? Reading manga, listening to Maximum the Hormone (can't help it!!) , reading random things, and playing GTA: Chinatown Wars . I fail. Meh, I should start doing something...
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