New Template!!
Yet another template. This one wasn't made by me, just the banner. I got tired of my old template since it was too raw. I need to make a really good one for next time. Anyway, college started again. My schedule is packed. From 9 am to 5pm each day. Very tiring! Other than that I've been playing cute games!!! I've finished a really cute RPG recently called Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. It was tooo cute!!! It was about a girl on a journey to save the prince. How cute is that!! Now I'm playing My World My Way. It's about a princess on a journey to prove the boy she loves she can do whatever she wants or something like that. It's too cute too!! I love cute games, and cute RPGs. There should be more English localizations of them.
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New kitties!
I have new kittens!! My cat gave birth to 4 kittens, although one died. Anyway, they are so adorable!! I'm gonna keep the white one cuz he looks like a sheep. So cute~ I don't know what to name it yet. I also have a new cat. Her name is Luna and she is an adorable persian. I love her! Pictures below. ^^


Perla and her kittens
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