Love, Hollywood Style [Young Adult Book]
I recently read this young adult book title Love, Hollywood Style. The premise is simple. Girl works at Hollywood studio, she has a crush on blond beautiful boy, she tries to get said boy with weird techniques. This book is part of Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies line. This means this book is full of cliches and you'll always know what's going to happen. I've read a fair amount of these books. They're not surprising, they're pure fluff, but the good type.
The books starts with Tracy Vance who works as tour guide in a famous Hollywood studio. She has too many failures in love and wants to change it. She has a crush on the cute blonde guy named Connor that works there. So she decides to use typical romantic movie stunts to make her relationship with Connor work and be interesting. This has been done in this line of books already in 「A Novel Idea」. And it worked in that book, but not so much in this one. The things she does are explained in a rush. It's not necesarily a funny book. Fun yes, funny no. But I don't expect much from it. It was a fast read and had the typical ending that I wanted. There's also the best friends Liz and Dex. The typical best friend plot is used and at least it has happy ending. You can see it from a mile away, but it's nice. I guess... but nothing new here.

Actually a lot of these books in this line make me angry. They're rant worthy. Love, Hollywood Style not so much. It was fun and not mean like others.

I own a couple of more that I haven't read. And sometimes I don't want to read them because I know I might hate them. I'll have to read them and find out. Maybe there's a good one between them.
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Haha. You're a very interesting person. Well, I read most of your entries. It's cool that you finally have your license. It gets boring driving, though. Eventually, it starts to feel more like a chore, than anything else.

Well, I just wanted to say Welcome to the English Revolution of FC2. Haha. I hope to see you more on the forums. I want a close knit community, so that way it grows stronger and expands.

Well, take care.

- Jest.
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