Harvest Moon
So I've been playing Harvest Moon DS Cute a lot lately. It brings so much nostalgia. I've been playing HM since the first game was released in the SNES. I can say that it's one of the few games I don't get tired of playing. I'm saddened that I did not get to keep the game after so many years. It's quite incredible that my cousin bought it for a dollar back in 1999 (we used to rent it like always). And now it sells for $100 (I saw it on ebay!!!). Same with my Harvest Moon: Back to Nature game. It's one of the best ones and was my favorite. I sold it for $10... so sad... I want it back!!! And now I'm thinking of buying them all again. But that would be an expensive thing to do. At least I still have A Wonderful Life Special Edition, Magical Melody, DS Cute and will receive Island of Happiness when it's released. I never get tired, I seriously don't. But I do hate A Wonderful Life. It's boring and I hate Forget-me-not village.  ̄へ ̄
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OMG you have Harvest Moon DS Cute?! I was thinking of buying that game...IS IT GOOD? T^T

I was planning on getting that game after I finish Phoenix Wright. I have all of them. They're super good. :x
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Mm. I saw that the bachelor's were pretty much the same as the guys you were competing with for the HM GBA game.

I played Wonderful Life, I finished with a kid and I was like, "...what now?"

I felt kind of incomplete?

Lol as for leaving a message, you can comment or even leave a message in my cbox/tagboard. Doesn't matter- I'll get back to you definitely! I check everything...

Kind of obsessed like that. o_o

Also, cool you've got Miley Cyrus on your blog - I'm sort of a fan. >_<
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