Ah~ I'm sick... it sucks!!! And it's my brother's birthday. That won't be fun. Oh well-- back to reading Pants on Fire by Meg Cabot. I'm currently hating the main character, which is the first Meg character that I loathe. This book is so different from the others *sigh*.
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What type of book is it? I read a Fantasy series called "DragonLance". I've got every book they've made since 1983. So I have a LARGE collection of books in my room. Haha.

Well, I hope you feel better. I hate being sick. Well, take care, Fate. I hope you get better real soon! Drink alot of tea with honey! Eat/drank chicken soup! Eat lots of oranges!

- Jest.
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Miku - Yeah she is pretty much the 'star.' I was trying to youtube the others but the ones uploaded are not so great. :/

And the ones with all star casts are just too horrible to watch. ;_;

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oh no...
I hope you feel better soon!!

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Ahhh. I looked up the other vocaloids. My #1 favorite is Meiko! Hands down. But I wish there were more Meiko & Kaito duets. T^T

Kaito is pretty cool. LOLOLOLOL. I heard the twins, that's so crazy how it's voiced by a -female- voice actress. But that's how Japanese voice actress' are. Like I didn't notice until I was a little bit older that the "feminine" guy was usually voiced by a female voice actress. :/
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Me parece bien que haya alguien mas que hable español n_n
Jaja la verdad no vi Camp Rock xD siempre que la pasan nunca estoy, pero sus canciones me parecen bastante buenas ^-^
De donde eres por cierto?? [si se puede saber n_n]
Que estes bien n_n
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True. It all comes down to the skill of the vocaloid user...

Which I'm not even going to attempt to try! @_@
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