First Day: I swear I'm not lost
So today was the first day of orientation week at college. I was kinda anxious in the morning to see how the activities would be. At first it was pretty cool. The Biotech (me!), Microbiology, Pre-Med and Nurse? students were categorized as the Science 2 students. There's different: Science 1, Science 3, all the Engineering are individually categorized and the Arts, etc... It was kinda sad seeing the Computer Engineering students on the other side. I really wanted to change majors, but whatever...

I'm so a freshman... haha... no.
As the morning went on I kept seeing lots of familiar people. It was kinda awkward because this is a HUGE university and there were so MANY people from my town! Which is a very very small town. Weird... So yep, like all day I kept greeting people. XD

After the cheerleaders, band, dancers performances we were divided with our groups to another building. There we got to see some dramas played out by the Science Department students. Hendry (a friend) was one of the student counselors there. Another friend of mine was the same over at the Science 1 building.

Then at about 12 we got to go make our ID's, except that I didn't make mine. I was too busy attempting to get some papers done (total failure) and taking some 2x2 pictures for some official documents. It was so frustrating because this university is so freaking HUGE!!! So many buildings~ So many buildings~

But I did get my student account worked and tomorrow I'll get the ID. But I'm not clueless you know... I'm just kinda challenged. XD
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