At least the professors are nice...
... but I still feel I'm missing something? Maybe the fact that I didn't take Algebra 3 before I got stuck in Pre-Calculus I is part of that. Ahh~ Why must everything scientific revolve around Math? Why do I enjoy chemistry, but hate Algebra, etc...?
So on to the topic of this post. College. First Week.

Uh... I didn't do something completely stupid. None of the professors/ instructors were evil. YES!! I guess I got the good ones!

So basically the two days went on like this:

I only have Chemistry Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00. I think it's a good time. The professor is really nice and dynamic. I think this will be a good class if I dedicate myself.

Today I had to get up at 5:00 because I have Biology I Lab on Fridays at 7:00. *Sigh* That's not fun. Then I have Intermediate English I at 11:30. I got out of Biology at 9:20 so that's a lot of time. But I met up with friends from the different high schools I attended and so it was nice.

English... I think I'm gonna like that one class because there's no tests. It's all journals+reading+essays.

One thing to complain about: THERE IS NO FREAKING INTERNET AT THE DORMS!!!! That's weak!

So blah blah... took Pre-Calculus I. The instructor is going over the basics... blah... blah. Did I mention I dislike Math? I think it's pretty weird that I like Chemistry, but I hate Math...

It took me quite a while to get from the Math building to Biology. And the freaking auditorium was full. But I got a good seat. And the professor is super nice!!! I think I'm gonna like that class. :]
And so today was oooover. I forgot to talk about my friends.

Well, I hung out with Jesmarie and Ferma in the early morning. They just kept talking about how Nory skipped a whole grade in one month and how that is practically impossible. And now she's at another college, which isn't THAT wow. It's all because she wants to keep her 4.00 for Med School. *Sigh* That is a bad example. :[

I am soooooo tired right now... I can't even remember the rest of the day. It's this heat.... it's crazy!!!
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Yeah. I know what you mean. I'm huge on Computers. I love computers. I love tinkering with them. I love putting them together; However, it involves math alot of the times.

For example: Overclocking. It could be for anything. Overclocking your CPU, Graphics card, RAM, whatever. You need to divide, multiply, subtract, add, etc. Not just a few sets of numbers, too, but alot.

The thing about this is, I -hate- Math. I know, it's no Algebra or Calculus, but it's just the fact I hate dealing with numbers. I'm better at English and Literacy, than I am with numbers.

But I do love computers and I do go out of my way and waste my time setting them up. Haha.

Well, take care!

- Jest.
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