An Update on my life
So I haven't updated in forever and that means this blog isn't in all that has happened to me. So here I go...

I finished the first semester of college. Can't say it was good nor bad. I did well, got A's and B's. But ultimately decided to change majors from Industrial Biotechnology to.... English Linguistics. That's a HUGE change. But I think it's for the best. In college I met lots of new people and made lots of new friends. I love that part!! I also got a boyfriend Hehehe...

I haven't done much in the Holiday break, other than party a lot. Hahahaha I saw many people I hadn't seen in a long time and it was so nice. I also cried because my aunt moved to the U.S. I miss her so much.

I got an iPod from my boyfriend for Christmas!! It is the most amazing present ever!! First thing I did with it (being the bookworm I am) was download the Stanza app. I've had lots of fun in this new year as well. I went to the fair, went on road trips and visited family.

Next week, college starts again. I can't wait!! I'll be sure to update the blog on it.

In my next blog I will post my opinion on the latest book I finished.... and it'll be very soon!!
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tell me more about this boyfriend of yours, he sounds awesome!
[2009/01/06 16:39] | URL | Anonymous #- [ Edit ]
looking forward to your future entries ;)
[2009/01/06 16:40] | URL | Jan #- [ Edit ]
LMAO hahahahaha. :D I sure will!!! ;)
[2009/01/06 16:44] | URL | un3xpectedfate #- [ Edit ]
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big change indeed!! i did linguistics in high school, absolutely loved it <3 best of luck ^___^

awesome present, and a really thoughtful bf ^___^
[2009/01/07 07:12] | URL | kaipy #- [ Edit ]
Hi~ thanks for visiting my blog :D

Industrial Biotechnology to English Linguistics, huge change indeed.
Do your best for your future.

i dunno how much does Ipod cost there but it's very expensive in my country.
you'd got a very nice present! XD
[2009/01/07 12:43] | URL | inu #n1PtdlOk [ Edit ]
Thank you for your comments! :)

kaipy: It is a huge change, but I found out how much I liked Linguistics compared to Biotechnology. I guess it wasn't for me. :/

inu: Yep, iPods are expensive here too. Even more cause he got me an iPod touch. He's so thoughtful. :)
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