Can't somebody shut this bitch up?
Ok, so from time to time I read M/M romances. I'm a big yaoi fan, and I love reading western M/M romances as well. I very much enjoy releases by many e-pubs out there from great authors that I follow. My latest concern is how an author has been targeted by malicious jealous people for her latest work, a short story. They all "attacked" a review of her story just for the damn title. Yes, the title is not the best, but it is not something to bitch and moan about. I read the "attacks" at the original review, and from the first time I was concerned with the issue. I mean, it was just a title (like Jan says), how can it cause so much conflict. One of the "attackers" was 'concerned' that the author meant the title as an offense. For God's sake, it was an M/M romance!! How can it be written offensive for the gay community?? Then, I went on to read this particular "attacker's" blog. That's when I noticed it was not the book with the problem, it was this author, who apparently has a hobby of bitch and moaning about every single thing AND letting everyone know AND posting unnecesary comments and blogs just to get into more trouble. Sigh, why are there such people in this world? Why must they find just any little thing to make something big out of? Why?!? Thank God I did not ever buy a book by this author because if I did I'd be red of shame right now. Seriously, Ann Somerville needs to get a life, and stop calling people cunt, etc... I am just so shocked. Is this really a graduate of a "top UK university"? If it is, I might lose a bit of faith in humanity. Why? Because she sounds just like a 5 year old. Heck, I think I might be more mature than her! What has this world come to? To have people made of so much fail and thinking they can get away with it.
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you are more mature than her :P
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