At Comp Lab
I'm at comp lab right now, extremely bored. I'm hungry and tiiiiiiiiired!! I got my english card reports back, and got 25 in both!! I am so happy!! Anyway, I did get a 0 on my last English quiz so I gotta improve. Hopefully I'll do better this week.
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of course you will improve! we always improving!!!

full support from me and happy v-day~

i just love your blog template, it matches so well with your avatar.

my template...i think i will change to another one, the menu are very limited and i cant put my friends like your's link on it!!!! urrrrhhhh

[2009/02/14 01:49] | URL | ayaka #- [ Edit ]
haha dont need to thank me for commenting!

do you take french? because i saw "en el lab de comp.."

wait..that sounds like spanish!

anyways~ looking forward to ur next update~
[2009/02/20 20:32] | URL | ayaka #- [ Edit ]
Yeah, it's Spanish. That's my first language. :P
[2009/02/22 19:13] | URL | Jennie #- [ Edit ]
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