Miss Universe 2008 Semifinalists
The top 15 have been chosen in Miss Universe 2008. They are:
1- Venezuela: Dayana Mendoza
2- Kosovo: Zana Krasniqi
3- Mexico: Elisa Najera
4- Vietnam: Lam Thuy Nguyen
5- South Africa: Tansey Coetzee
6- Australia: Laura Dundovic
7- Japan: Hiroko Mima
8- Dominican Republic: Marianne Cruz Gonzalez
9- Italy: Claudia Ferraris
10- Colombia: Taliana Vargas
11- Russia: Vera Krassova
12- Hungary: Jazmin Damakk
13- Czech Republic: Eliska Buckova
14- USA: Crystle Stewart
15- Spain: Claudia Moro

To be honest I'm a little disappointed with some of the girls they chose. I thought Korea and Puerto Rico were gonna be chosen for sure. I'm not really into Spain at all. I feel some of the girls the chose weren't as appropiate as other, but oh well.... I still think Venezuela and Colombia are tough competitors.
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